Saturday, January 7, 2012

1.7.12 - Ready and waiting....

We kept the cath scheduled for Monday.  They actually moved our time up to noon instead of 2, which I am THANKFUL for.  We haven't had a procedure done in over a year, and Liam is very different than he was our last visit - walking, eating by mouth, everything!  So, the fact that that's two less hours we can't feed him is wonderful news.  I'm getting a little nervous about that part....I've really never had to tell him he can't eat or drink before.  They told me that his thickener also counts as a solid =(...which means I'll have to probably tube feed him some pedialyte to take the edge off.  Thank God we still have that darn tube! LOL

Liam's cough is 99% gone, and there is no trace of junky lungs - YAY!!  We are still doing the 4x treatments per day. Although, I just found out I have a sinus infection, last night, after waiting 2.5 weeks to go to the doctor...I know, I know.  I should have gone sooner, I just really thought it was viral and tried to wait it out.  But I am already feeling much better on just a couple doses of antibiotics, and I'm kinda glad I'll be on them through our hospital stay just in case.

So we are anxiously waiting for Monday.  We are ready.  God has this.  It is just going to be a new chapter with Liam being a mobile toddler during his stay =)  He will stay overnight Monday and we'll be home Tuesday.

And, one last thing I was going to share...for those mommies who do use thickener, like SimplyThick, I found a homemade recipe using Xanthan Gum.  It is a WHOLE lot cheaper than buying the premade stuff, so I'm hopefully going to try it out soon.  They sell Xanthan Gum in Whole Foods or on Amazon.   Here is the link to the BabyCenter post that included the recipe.  When I do my first batch, I'll update on how successful it was (hopefully!)  I don't know why I never looked into this before!

Homemade Thickener Recipe

Hope everyone has a great weekend! 


  1. Praying for sweet Liam! Can I restock your fridge on Tuesday? Anything you need? Just let me know!


  2. Been thinking of you guys a lot this past week. Praying that everything goes smoothly today. {{{HUG}}} Keep us posted if you can!