Tuesday, January 3, 2012

1.3.12 - Pulmonology and Isolation

I got Liam in to see the pulmonologist today to check up on his cough and make sure we were still ok to go ahead with his cath on Monday.  He said Liam seemed well enough, his lungs were not wheezing, but he still had some mucus so was kind of "borderline".  He prescribed antibiotics and another nebulized med to help clear him out faster.  So the plan is to keep doing the 4 x daily nebby treatments and an antibiotic and if he isn't getting better by Thursday or Friday, we should call in to reschedule....soo, I'm praying the treatments work and Liam gets better...I really do not want to reschedule, but of course will do what needs to be done to keep him safe. 

It has definitely been awhile since we have had to stay isolated...over a year!  Poor thing, Liam keeps saying he wants to go to the grocery store...every time we are in the car either to doctor's appointments or to drive-through errands he will keep telling me he wants to go to the grocery store.   That is our weekly (or sometimes twice a week) normal errand that we've done for awhile now, but it's too risky to get him out in public like that before his procedure.  So hopefully our friends and family will bear with us as we have to say no to plans right now! LOL.  I was remembering when Liam was born, and even the 8 months before his first surgery, how I used to do all my errands solo after he went to bed.  Liam stayed in our house or at my parents and rarely if ever did we venture out with him.  It's so different now, and I think I started taking it for granted.  I find myself wishing there were more drive-thrus now -  I am tempted to try ordering groceries online, as our fridge is wearing bear quick!  SO needless to say, rescheduling for another week down the road would be less than ideal, but again, we will do whatever necessary. 

One more quick thing I wanted to share, one, before I forget, and two, more just to log it for keepsake...Liam is starting to pretend play more and more with his toys and stuffed animals.  It is THE cutest thing ever.  In fact, it is much to our advantage this is happening because now we act like his animals are real and they are telling us things for him to do.  We even have names for his nebulizer masks...Nebby and a new pal joined us today, Buddy.  He just thinks it's so funny that they "talk" to mommy and he hugs them and gives them kisses, and really will do anything "they" tell him....So, you can guess we really use this at bedtime and it is working!  His Ducky seems to get sleepy and want to snuggle with Liam right at bedtime, and Liam loves it...He runs to his crib and tries to climb in!  I think this tactic is a keeper as long as it keeps on going!!


  1. Prayers that Liam feels better soon!!!

  2. Love the imagination! How awesome that he listens to all of his animals! Right on!! Derrick has started with that too, only we can't see his friends at all and he gets a little annoyed when we don't realize they're there. Minnie (as in Mouse) and CeCe (from Disney's Shake it Up) both come over daily. CeCe even "carries" him up the stairs sometimes. Ha! I LOVE imaginations! I'll have to let Minnie or CeCe know next time I need Derrick to do something. Thanks for the tip!

    Praying for y'all! I sure hope Liam is in perfect health for his cath!!

  3. Praying for good health and no cath re-schedule!

    Isolation stinks :(

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