Monday, January 23, 2012

1.23.12 - Give thanks to the Lord, for He is GOOD!

In this new year, we have been busy planning, organizing and disciplining ourselves to stick to our "resolutions".  My post title today is part of our memory verse for the week....yes, a memory verse!  Something I have always wanted to implement, but just never "got around to it".  With God's help, I am slowly getting this household into a routine and on a plan, and it feels so GOOD....God is so good.  Praise God, for He is shining through his perfection in my weaknesses!

I wanted to share a great resource from A Holy Experience that has free printable planning sheets.  I have just begun using them in our home and they are truly a blessing and really making a big difference in helping to keep us focused and organized.  Maybe you will find it is just what you need as well!

She also has a great post "Seven Ways to Keep Your Home Strong" that I found invaluable in planning and creating the type of home I want to raise my family in {and live in myself, of course!}.  We are prayerfully still awaiting an answer to where our home will be in the near future,  however, many of her ways are lifestyle changes that more fully bring us into God's presence on a daily {or hourly, minutely, secondly - Amen!} basis. 

That's a lot of what's been going on in our home lately!   We are off now for our Ikea Monday =)  Hope 2012 is blessing everyone tremendously so far!

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  1. Thanks for sharing those resources - looking forward to checking them out. The good Lord knows I'm in need of some serious focus and organization around here! Love the new blog look, too, by the way :)