Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2.15.12 - End of the week excitement...

Ok folks, this Friday IS IT....Liam has his follow-up cardiology appointment.  If his heart looks good and stable, this will be the day we FINALLY take his tube out!  I am really praying this is it yall.  Liam has had his tube for officially 24 months and 26 days...although it has been a blessing, it will be nice to finally retire it back into it's box.  We are READY!

Athough I am ready for it to go, I have gotten a little emotional over "the tube" this past week.  I guess because it's all we've known with's like a part of him in a strange way.  Each morning, I have the habit of patting his tummy to make sure it's intact (and that he didn't pull it out in the middle of the night)...and getting him dressed and undressed carefully to make sure it doesn't get caught on something.  Going to be another big milestone for our amazing little heart warrior!

Please pray for our big day!  Will keep everyone posted when we know for sure =)


  1. Praying along with you, friend ... and SUPER excited for y'all!

    I still remember how strange it was to dress and undress Ethan after his tube was gone, and there have definitely been times I've missed it. BUT, the first time I kissed that bare belly was AWESOME! :)

  2. Praying that the tube comes out and there is no looking back from there. It is a little strange when the tube first comes out. I almost had a bit of a panic attack like maybe we made a mistake. It's amazing how that tube can feel like a crutch because you have come to depend on it so many times. It's a bit scary to see it go at first. However, it is also a very freeing moment because you are no longer dependent on it. Life becomes a bit more normal. Excited for you!!

  3. Such great news - I'll be praying!!

  4. Praying for a great appointment. I know how anxious I get for just the cardi appointment, but to add the extra stress of his tube...I can't imagine. Super exciting but scary at the same time. Good luck Liam!