Wednesday, February 29, 2012

2.29.12 - Swallow study = Progress!

Liam got a great report on his swallow study yesterday.  He can now tolerate a nectar consistency instead of the honey, and we are to start working on thinner liquids through a "coffee-cup" straw (very thin straw to slow down the flow).  I am SO thankful for some improvement!  The therapist also said that she is confident the only "issue" we are dealing with is a timing issue in his swallow function.  She said his muscle tone, physiology and swallow were all working as they should, but is just slightly delayed which causes him to aspirate on quick flowing liquids.  She was very thorough in explaining everything to me, so I feel much clearer about his situation.  So our plan is to take it an ounce at a time, and slowly start "teaching" him to swallow thin liquids.  I have yet to try it out since Liam stayed at my parents the remainder of yesterday and today while I was working, but I am anxious to see how he does.  Obviously, we are going to be closely monitoring his lungs and breathing to make sure he isn't silently aspirating and is tolerating it well.  The good news is that he actually did cough when he aspirated a little during the swallow study, which is also an improvement from the silent aspirating he had been experiencing before.  So, all in all, we are very pleased with the results!  Glory to God!


  1. Great news!!! Praying that that he keeps improving with time!

  2. Great news! Sounds like he is doing wonderful.