Sunday, February 26, 2012

2.26.12 - Doing great

With all the big changes that took place last weekend, Liam is doing fantastic.  He is sleeping and napping well in his new big boy bed and transitioned really well, with only two naps not taken and a slightly interrupted first night sleep.  This is a huge praise!  I will admit I had some anxiety about the changeover, as I really value his nap time to get some work done! LOL.  I am glad he values his nap time too =)

The tube being out has been such a blessing, although I still find myself unconsciously thinking that it's still there.  And I guess it's closing up ok??  Moms that have taken theirs out before, it still kind looks like a second belly this normal?  Not sure how long it takes for the skin to close up completely...Just want to make sure we don't need to get it looked at, because I have no idea if it looks right or not!

I also scheduled Liam for his next swallow study for this Tuesday...had to get it in before our insurance changes March 1.  Ugh.  Insurance is such a huge deal for us now, whereas before Liam, we didn't give it much thought.  I've decided this time around, I really want to know for sure what is causing Liam's dysfunctional swallow, if it is still present.  I've always been a little confused as to what is actually the cause of it - they either say it's low muscle tone (which I don't understand this when he is swallowing solids just fine) or that it's due to his vocal chord.  I guess I need someone to draw me out a picture and explain it to me that makes physiological sense?  I just keep thinking there is more to it that what they are telling us.   Anyways, I'm paying for some positive improvement!

That's about all that's been going on for us.  Busy time of year this is, as I am now officially a paid tax preparer.  This also involves taking an exam at some point!  I have a couple clients I am doing from home, plus a couple of blog designs to work on as well.  I think I am busier now than when I worked full time!

I'll post an update after the swallow study!


  1. It will always look like a second belly button. Logan's has been closed for three years now and it is his "tiny belly button". He would require plastic surgery some day if he ever wanted to have it "go away".

  2. So, I typed up this long comment and then closed my browser before I was finished ... *smacking my forehead* ... anyway.

    Ethan's looked like a 2nd belly button for a while - like, 8 months or so. Just recently has it started to really look closed and puckered (almost like a chest tube scar). If you notice excessive leaking, definitely get your pediatrician or general surgeon to check it out. We never needed gauze or anything after Ethan's came out, but it will leak ever so slightly if he has a bad cough!

    I hope the swallow study went OK yesterday!