Thursday, March 15, 2012

3.15.12 - Feeling better and parenting through the "NO" phase....

Been busy lately and haven't been able to put much of a good post together!  Just wanted to update that Liam is feeling all better from the flu last week, and thankfully Dustin and I didn't catch it....whew!  He still has his lingering cough, currently being treated with some honey, which I am sure is better than the 6 straight days of medicines he had been taking. 

Just before Liam got sick, we started a sticker chart to help with discipline and positive rewards for listening to us and being obedient....we have officially run into the "no" toddler phase, and Liam was seemingly unaffected by time outs or taking things away, so we are still learning what the best approach is to discipline.  I am trying to overly reward good behavior and obedience that he does show by a sticker chart.  Once he gets 10 stickers a day, he gets a reward of 10 M&M's after dinner (if he eats well - which has to be the last sticker to get them!).  He will DO ANYTHING for M&M's, its his official favorite's crazy.  And while this is sort of a bribing technique, it works for us...for now.  I have lacked the energy or time to research some different approaches, but anyone feel free to comment on what works for children immune to time outs!  I really want our discipline to be positive and more of rewarding good behavior than punishing the bad.  But I also don't want him to get the idea that he should show good behavior just to get a reward....Ahhh, the parenting choices we face!  I think I have taken for granted how good he has been up to this point!


  1. Glad that Liam is feeling better! Wish I had advice for you but time outs always have worked for us. Best of luck!

  2. Ugh...time outs don't work for us either. We're currently doing a 'ticket' system similar to your stickers. I'm not sure how well it's going.... Parenting is HARD!

    I'm glad Liam is feeling better!! Good luck! :)

  3. We are lucky that time-outs and occasional spankings work for Tucker. He is really deep in the "no" phase right now, but we are surviving. Our biggest challenge right now is potty training. Not only does he not have any interest in it (not even for m&m's) he flat out throws a fit if we even ask him to go to the potty. Parenting is not easy sometimes!

    Good luck!