Monday, March 26, 2012

3.26.12 - Then and now

 March 2011...

 March 2012...

I always find it interesting to compare where we were a year ago...Liam has grown SO much in the past year, I can't keep up!  He is definitely all-out 2 year old right now, and so much fun!  Talks non-stop, can count forwards and backwards, say his ABC's, recognize places (even their corresponding receipts!) and reads some basic words.  Not to mention he is getting so tall! 

We had a great weekend.  We took a Saturday morning train ride downtown and went to the Dallas Auto Show.  Since my lease is up in the fall, and we've been wanting to scale down a bit to save money, we thought this would be the most convenient place to see all the cars at once and get an idea of what we will focus our attention on when the time comes, plus it made for a great family outing!  Not to mention the weather has been gorgeous lately!

Another update in our life has been our living situation.  I mentioned a couple months ago we had been waiting on the Apartment Ministry to place us, but we have since felt the need to move on and go ahead and sell our house.  We are not quite sure of an exact plan yet, but a smaller, more affordable home is on the horizon.  So we are steadily working to get the house in order to put on the market - which is quite a chore!  I have never sold a house before, so I'm not quite sure what this will look like, especially having viewings all the time with a toddler running wild in the house! Ahhh!  Thankfully, a great friend of ours who sold us this house is helping us prepare and make sure everything is in order.  We have some minor repairs to complete, but mainly just getting decluttered and start taking most of our things into storage. 

So that's the then and now of it!  My posting will probably slow down a bit (as it already has!), but hopefully I can still get an update in every couple weeks....Thanks for continuing to share in our story! 

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  1. Wow. What a difference a year makes. Gosh he looks so grown up now! Best of luck in selling your house. Hope it goes quickly and you are able to find a new home just as fast.