Thursday, March 8, 2012

3.8.12 - Fever and the Flu

Liam has been running a fever since Monday.  After the second trip to the pedi yesterday, it was determined that he has the Flu...yuck.  He even got his flu shot last October, but they said it's going around again, but a more mild version. He was miserable most of Tuesday and yesterday, but seems to be feeling a little better today.  Other than having a couple intense coughing episodes, he is just tired and snuggly.  I sure do love all the snuggling, but I just want him to feel better.  They have him taking TamiFlu, and he doesn't seem to be having any reaction, so that's good.  If he is still feverish tomorrow, I have to take him back in to re-assess....his fever seems to be breaking for longer periods of time today, so I'm hopeful by tomorrow it will be gone for good!

We haven't been up to too much lately, just enjoying the beautiful weather we've been having despite all the terrible storms that have been pounding across the country lately. Although, right now, a cold front is moving through and it's getting cold and rainy. 

This past weekend we spent some good quality family time on Saturday.  We took Liam to Home Depot for their 1st Saturday kids project day.  It was fun to see him and daddy building something together...I didn't even know Home Depot did that!  Then it was a little shopping, lunch, then home for a late afternoon nap for all of us.
Working away!

Finished project!

While daddy played golf Sunday, Liam and I had a nice long afternoon at the park, although our car ended up getting scratched pretty bad because of our outing...oops!  It was crazy crowded and I tried to parallel into a weird spot with big boulders lining the side...I realized big boulders really don't have any give when you hit them with your car!  Anyways, Liam and I enjoyed throwing rocks into the creek and playing on the playground, although I am pretty sure that's probably where he might have caught the many kids!  

And the pictures by the of those moments I was kicking myself for not lugging along the big camera...the sun was sitting perfectly reflecting on it and it was beautiful...It was still even beautiful with my iPhone pics...


  1. Beautiful photos. Hope little Liam is feeling better soon. You're in my thoughts and prayers. Love, Liz.

  2. I had the flu for a week and my fever lasted for 5 days straight! I know how miserable the poor little guy must have been! It was awful! I hope he's feeling better soon. The Home Depot event looks fun! :)

  3. The Home Depot trip looks like fun! Glad you got to enjoy some time at the park with your special guy. Hope Liam gets to feeling better!