Sunday, April 15, 2012

4.15.12 - Potty Time

Oh how I have waited for this time to come, and still probably wish it weren't here yet, but we are officially potty training...I just can't believe my little man is ready for it, which means he is growing up too fast!  We started off last Monday, doing a sort of Potty Boot-Camp, and having Liam go potty every 15 minutes and he did great.  Only a couple accidents, once right after the new undies were put on, and then again later in the day when I forgot to set the timer...oops!  The next couple days were a bit more relaxed as he was with his Mimi and Baba at their house.  The later part of the week he was able to go longer in between breaks, but we had to compensate for some errand running by putting him in a diaper.  While he has his diaper on, he will stay ask to use the potty sometimes.  And while he was in a diaper a good part of the weekend, I am hoping to stretch him a bit tomorrow and see where he is at.  I'm going to try to run a quick errand with just undies and see how he does, so we shall see!  Our whole goal is to try to keep it relaxed and non-stressful for Liam so that he won't develop any fears of going...I am trying my best (although have myself failed a few times!) to be patient and encouraging. 

As for the home front, we are hoping to get some work finalized on our house before we put it on the market.  We are shooting for the end of April - Now that our house is looking all snazzy, it makes me want to stay! LOL....But I know God has a plan for our move and I'm kinda getting excited to see what it will be!  

That's basically been our life the past week or so!  On the blogging front, I've been at somewhat of a writer's block lately and I just haven't been able to get myself motivated to write much other than what we've been up to.  And to my fellow blog friends, I am still reading your stories, just not commenting as much.  I think something about the "social media" ideal is really bothering me and I can't figure out why...Facebook, Pinterest, Blogland (beyond my close group of heart families and friends I follow), the internet in general, I have just lately felt kind of "bothered" by it and have begun to pull away from it...I've been slightly convicted lately that it consumes more time than it needs to, but I also feel overwhelmed by it.  And I know one of my personality traits is that I tend to go into shut down mode when I get overwhelmed, so maybe that's it.   Anyways, I'm just spilling this all here to let you guys know I'm still here and if I seem a bit "off" in my posts, this could be why =)

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