Thursday, April 5, 2012

4.5.12 - Lots going on and milestone! say this year is flying by would be an understatement!  We have been busily trying to knock out our to-do list for small fixes to the house so we can get it on the market.   Plus, we rented storage so we can start packing up and clearing out the non-essentials for staging.  The process is going well, just hard to find time to actually dig in and get it done!

Just to also mention since we live in the Dallas area, the tornadoes that ripped through this area on Tuesday were monumental...I think they said there were a dozen that touched down in just our few counties.  Thankfully, our community and friends and family we have that live in and around these parts are ok and no damage was seen.  However, please be praying for those that lost their homes and property to this devastation.  It was a scary day for everyone.

In the meantime, Liam has started potty training himself!  LOL...I went on a retreat this past weekend and Dustin mentioned when I got home that Liam had gone pee-pee on the potty a few times while I was away.  He really hasn't shown much interest in it up to this point, so I was excited he got him self there on his own time - and glad we didn't have to start pushing it on him.  So, this week we have continued to just be relaxed with it and take him to the potty if he asks to go....I'm really not quite sure what the next step will be.  He has a new a froggy potty and some training I guess I'll start with that!  I just don't want to push him too hard with it.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

For Easter coming up, we are going to my parents house Friday to celebrate and then everyone is coming here on Sunday for a big dinner and some egg hunting.  I love's my favorite time of year.  In fact, the retreat I went on was so special.  It was an all women's retreat, but it had an experience like no other.  I truly felt God's love and presence like never before, and it was a much needed reminder of his grace and mercy before this Easter weekend.  God loves us SO much that he sent His only Son to die for us while we were (and still are) unworthy and sinners.  His blood covers all our sins if we believe in Him, because he OVERCAME death for US - He is RISEN!....Just to be reminded of this gift and how powerful it is was a blessing.  I know I have experienced His love and mercy in mighty ways even just in our walk with Liam's heart, and I am so grateful and thankful for my salvation and that Jesus is ALIVE in my heart.  Such peace it gives that our God is on the throne. 

Here is one of my favorite songs for the season, "Overcome" by Jeremy Camp - hope you enjoy this powerful worship song!

 Happy Easter everyone!

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