Thursday, April 19, 2012

4.19.12 - Some sunny pics

Not too much news on our front....Liam is running a slight fever today, and I'm not quite sure why...Little runny nose is only symptom so far (as you can see by the pics below, he is feeling fine!), so we are on watch for now.  We managed to get outside a little today, since it is too beautiful outside not to be.  I have been lagging behind in taking pictures, but here are a few of our sunny day outside
Love his silly face!
ALL boy!!

Enjoying the outside shade!

We are off to Home Depot tonight (for about the 53rd time this month....Ugh, thank goodness it's less than a mile down the road!) for some grout to finish up our new shower floor - Yay!  I just keep thinking why we didn't do all these things to the house while we could enjoy it for a little while! Ha! 

Oh, and I think I'm coming out of my "funk" from Sunday's post...whew!  Thanks for being such supportive readers and friends! 


  1. Oh no! Somehow I missed sunday's post... I will need to go back and find it!

    I hope Liam isn't getting anything serious! He is just as precious as ever!!

  2. I missed Sunday's post too. I am so far behind. Will have to go back and read it. Love the sunny pics of Liam! Sweet boy!