Friday, June 22, 2012

6.22.12 - Quick Funny for Friday

My post title came out better than I thought! LOL  I had planned on getting a bunch of pictures posted of our recent trip to St. Louis and recent outings we've had, but to no avail.  If Liam doesn't nap, I don't get much done! 

But, I thought I'd share a quick funny that just happened a few minutes ago.  As I was changing Liam's, oh, about FOURTH poopy UNDERWEAR of the day, this was our conversation:

"Mommy, where does poop come from?"

Ummmm, ok...hmmm "Well, it comes from your food."

Blank stare.

"You know, when your food travels to your tummy to go to the party (this is how we explained eating!), they give their gifts they brought (in my mind, this would be the nutrients...although I'm already thinking I've probably said to much at this point) and then they dance so hard at the party, they get smooshed together with the other food there and travel together until you push them out into the potty (or, in today's example, your pants)."  I am feeling quite pleased with my response, thinking it was a creative and brilliant way to explain poop to a 2 year old.

Blank stare.

Then Liam starts laughing, "You remember how I threw my broccoli on the floor?"

Yep. He gets it.

Happy Friday folks!

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