Sunday, June 24, 2012

6.24.12 - Finally some pictures!

The house is all quiet...ahhh.  Finally time to upload all the pictures that are burning a whole in my laptop!    First off, our recent trip to St. Louis where we visited my family

We started off with 12 hours in the car...luckily between here and there there was plenty of interesting places to stop for potty breaks and snacks...This was one of them...

The McDonald's that was built on a bridge over the highway, somewhere in Oklahoma.  Liam LOVED it! 

He was waving at all the trucks and cars, while mommy was acting like I was making the cars appear all of a sudden from out beneath the was too funny - we spent a good 15 minutes here and didn't even get anything to eat!

When we got to St. Louis, it was off to the grocery store to stock up on essentials for the "bunny crackers" that Liam is clinging to.  He and cousin Lukas were a hoot together!  Although, as my cousin and I realized pretty quickly, it is MUCH harder to say no to two toddlers than one...Ha!

Let the silliness begin!

And I had to add here, the DE.LI.CIOUS. meal my cousin made from said groceries...homemade Chinese food, complete with the BEST crab ragoon. Ever.
On to the next day, where we were off to the zoo!  Liam took a little cat nap in the car

Thank goodness for the double cousin is expecting and she just got this is the day we arrived.  Thought we'd test it out!  Here the boys are reading the map and deciding where to go first!

Children's that they had sand.  We could have spent the entire day in this one area.

Liam was having a blast!

My cousin and I were flashing forward to when the boys would someday do this in a REAL car!

Just LOVE that sweet face!!....Even in a cutout of an otter...

He looks thrilled to be posing for another picture! Ha!

He's somewhere between a Koala and an Otter...hopefully closer to the latter!

This cracked me up...this little goat was just chilling on the bench!

I made Liam sit next to him...He was not impressed.

Lunchtime sillies!

This was one of my favorite parts...the elephants!

So adorable, we actually got to see the baby elephant!  I always have the impression that you'll never really get to actually see the animals at the they are always hiding during the day! Ha!  I was pleasantly surprised here

Mimi (my mom) with the boys!
Waiting patiently for the Carousel

Don't let the look fool you, he was really excited!  Was his first time on one!

Lukas and Lindsey

See?  He was excited!

Last stop was the penguins - too bad the line was SOOO long, it was the end of the day and we were beat - Glad they had some little ones outside to peek at!

Liam's first (and last, if it were up to me, Ha!) Harley ride!

He's got style!

Cousin hugs!

Last day at the splash park!

We had the BEST time!  The drive up and back went better than expected, Liam did great both pottying and eating (which are always top 2 concerns when traveling!).  And the meet-up I posted about here with Maxson and his mom was so wonderful.  Wish we lived closer to everyone up there!!

Thanks for checking in!  (And for looking at a ga-zillion pictures!)

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