Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Family Time

We have really appreciated all the kind words, encouragement and prayers during this time - they have strengthened our hope and given me, especially, a lot of encouragement, so I just wanted to say thank you.  I have been in constant awe at how God has been bringing to light things about our situation that bring comfort and peace knowing He has truly been with us and provided for us, even when we couldn't see Him working....Amazing. We continue to rest in God's peace that His timing in all things is perfect and complete, and we will keep trying when the time is right again! =)

So on a more positive front, given our recent events, we have been spending a lot of family time lately.  Before we knew any of this, Dustin had been planning a long weekend for just the two of us.  We made a last minute decision to go (since it was local), and I'm so glad we did!  It was a very healing time for the two of us, and also a lot of fun as well!  He spent so much time planning our weekend in the weeks prior, watching him do that for me was very sweet! LOL, ya know, since I'm such a big planner myself and all ;)  He also decided to Groupon all the "activities" to save money, which led to a very creative and fun time, since I had never been to most of the places we went, plus he saved us a lot of money, which is another way to my heart...ahhhh!  Do I have the best hubby or what?! 

This past weekend, Dustin also took a day off for a long three day weekend.  We decided to have a family "Tent Movie Night", play a lot, went to the Airport Park and Farmers Market and just had fun being together.  Thought I would just share some photos of our recent family time and let the rest of the post speak for itself!  All is well with our souls =)

Working on a homemade volcano!

Volcano work - forgot to get a picture of the final product when erupting, good ole baking soda and vinegar trick - Liam loved it!

Playing in the homemade was a homemade type weekend.

Snuggling in before our movie!

Mommy and Liam

Family picture! We watched a full length Lego movie - it was cute!  Liam is really into Legos right now...and hopefully will be into them for awhile, given the fact I think they are secretly multiplying!

Dustin took us to a painting class, where you follow an instructor and they show you how to paint a painting - very cool!

Blank canvas to start with...

Painting base coat...

Painting!  Might I mention Dustin was 1 of 4 men there, with 30 other women, haha!

Finished result!  Vineyard landscape


Lego fun

Dress up time!  And no, I don't dress him in girlie things, he was pretending to be his Mimi...and I think it's rather fitting! LOL

We visited the "Airport Park"  which is an observatory next to a runway of our airport.  It's pretty neat, you can listen to the pilots talking back and forth with the tower on an outside radio and watch the planes land.  Liam was not really interested in either of those things though, go figure.

Pretending to be an airplane!

Next to the giant radio tower

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  1. Glad you have found some healing and were able to make time for family time! Thinking of you!