Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving fun!

We had a great Thanksgiving here at our house with family!  Our nieces spent a couple nights with us, as well as Dustin's grandma who is here for the week.  Last Wednesday we visited the Bush Presidential Library and had a great time learning and exploring the museum.  We even got a photo in the oval office!

Thursday morning we went on a hike through the woods to get materials for our handmade table centerpieces.  

Our idea was to gather some branches, leaves and pine cones and paint them for a pretty effect (and free!)...

I think it turned out lovely!  My nieces put it together with some creative hunting around the house for jars and using fall squash and pumpkins to fill in.

We've just been eating, spending time with family and relaxing this weekend.  Enjoying some last free quiet moments before the busy days ahead of shopping, entertaining and Christmas! 

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