Monday, December 9, 2013

Winter wonderland and a wedding

We have been iced over here for 4 days -- pretty incredible, this is one of the worst ice storms I have ever experienced here in Texas!  We are slowly thawing out today, but temps are plunging back down below freezing and they have already canceled Liam's school and rescheduled his Christmas program =( 

First slip and slide!

Liam LOVED the "snow" you see those icicles on my car?!

The first day of this was kinda fun, but considering we had to drive to a wedding on Saturday, it really made for some dicey travel!  Thankfully, we made it to and from just fine, and it was a beautiful event!  Some sweet friends of ours got married and Dustin and Liam were in the wedding. 

Liam did a great job as the ring bearer - He was so cute!  They gave him a small turquiose box to carry down the aisle and hand to the best man.  Afterwards, he got really upset that he couldn't keep the box, lol.  I had to explain they had just let him carry it.  We took some time to have a few family pictures snapped -- mainly so we could get a Christmas card done!  And I guess we did look pretty cute all dressed up!  If I do say so myself! (said in my best country accent)

Liam made me this Lego car with a flower on it for my birthday today - such a sweet boy!  It's been a low-key day and that is the best kind for me!!  Finally got our tree up today and anticipating a couple busy weeks ahead!!  Hope everyone had a warm and safe weekend!

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