Wednesday, October 14, 2009

10.14.09 - Apart for the day...

Liam is two weeks old today. My prayer is to get him home on or before my actual due date with him, which is next Thursday, October 22. How cool would that be if we could bring him home that day?

With the flu season at hand and the swine flu rampant in our area, the hospital has really buckled down on visitors and strongly encouraging people who may be sick to stay home. I got to see Liam breifly this morning and then went to a parent support meeting where I realized I was not feeling well. I decided better to be safe and go home for the afternoon to rest, hoping that it was just something I had eaten. I am feeling much better now (and I think I was overly exhausted), so I thankfully I do not think I am sick. Plus, Liam is dealing with a little diaper rash problem right now and is going constantly. They had to take him off my breastmilk for the next 24 hours and are giving him special formula to help his digestion ease up a bit. Liam is continuing to eat well though, as he is eating at least half of all his bottle feedings on his own.

Whenever I can't be with Liam at the hospital, I struggle with feeling guilty for leaving him and I miss him so much. I am trying really hard to not worry and not be anxious about him when I am not there, but it's like leaving your newborn with a different person all the time. Even though they are nurses, they are all different and have different ways of caring for babies. I know I need to take care of myself so that I can care for him when he comes home. I just have to keep reminding myself that God put those people in authority over Liam at that hospital, so God is still in control, even when I am not there to see it.

Tomorrow is a new day...hopefully Liam and I will both feel better so we can be together for some sweet bonding time!

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