Tuesday, January 18, 2011

1.18.11 - A Feeding Anniversary

Before blogging came into my world, I thought I was the only one who tracked "anniversaries" of certain events; mostly just in my head, these moments in time quickly became reference points for me.  It amazed me, as a heart mom, just how many "anniversaries" we have...some bigger than others, but I frequently refer to them to piece together the timeline of tests, procedures and surgeries that would become our life.  I just realized today, that it is an anniversary day.  And it seems appropriate that this anniversary would mark the date our little one got the long awaited for g-tube. 

One year ago today Liam had a gastrostomy tube placed for feeding because he was aspirating all liquid consistencies.  He was just shy of being 4 months old and we had previously been using a NG-Tube for nourishment up until that point.  It always seems every time we get on the other side of a surgery, the tube and feeding issues become a bit challenging and somewhat of an obstacle.   We are again on total tube feedings for the time being....But we are praying for complete healing in the area of his airway and feeding issues.  We know God has a plan and we are trusting for His timing and healing to be delivered.

I've got some fun pictures I want to share....oh so cute, and I am having OH so much FUN staying at home!  It has been truly a blessing on all fronts.  Liam is so chatty now and is saying all sorts of words: Go, Sponge Bob, kitty, down, up, hi, bye, the list goes on and on!  He is just so is so nice he can communicate verbally some now! It is also great to wake up and spend all day with if only Dustin could stay home too... =)

New Sponge Bob hat from Mimi...Love it!

She got it to fit over his helmet...but it makes a great mask too!

Here's to you..kid!


  1. Awww! he is so cute! I love the last picture of him just maxing and relaxing with daddy! Too funny! He looks wonderful. I'm glad he's still doing well and you guys are having a great time hanging out all the time. :)

  2. He is SOOO Cute!! I mean absolutely adorable!! Love all the funny faces!! After all he has been through and still so happy!! Staying home with your kids is in my opinion the most wonderful gift to them and us I thank my husband daily for working so hard to make it possible for me to be here!! I have fun most days!! I was thinking of having a party for Maccoy on his OHS anniversary do you think that is weird?? Its such a Big thing to celebrate!!

    Have a Great Day!

  3. He is beyond precious!!!!

    Staying home was not a path I would have chosen for myself, but I feel so blessed it was chosen for me! I agree about our husbands. I jokingly said I was going to buy a tiny log cabin kit, harness rain water, use solar power, and have a garden so that we didn't need any money and could just be a family of four full time, LOL.

    Praying for Liam's feedings!


  4. These pictures are just adorable!! They all made me smile! He is just SO stinkin' cute and looks like he is just such a happy little boy!!! That is so cool that he is saying so many words! C&C are saying Mama and Dada syllables a lot, but that's really about it for them. I can't wait to see you tonight!!

  5. I LOVE the new pics. Liam is so stinkin' cute!!

  6. Ok... I love coming here for my CUTE BABY FIX!!!!!! :) HA! He is soooooooo adorable I can't even get over it! :) I love those smiles! And I am living vicariously through you! My time at home was the PERIOD! I am so glad you are enjoying it. Nothing beats being able to be there for every milestone and spending all day with that precious smile! It is just the best thing ever. I will never forget that precious year I stayed home! Now my boy is in preschool!!!!! Time just flies... enjoy every minute (as I know you are!) :)


  7. Love the pics! Liam is absolutely adorable!!

    Being at home is the greatest! :)