Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Pre-Op down...tomorrow is the big day

Liam had pre-op all day and it went well. He is all clear for surgery tomorrow.  He had labs drawn, chest x-ray and ekg then we took a tour and met with the surgeon.  It was a busy day to say the least!  Liam did so great, and handled everything like a champ.  I am exhausted, but glad we got a good feel for how things will go tomorrow and the days ahead.

Surgery will begin tomorrow morning at 7:30am and last about 6-8 hours.  They will be doing quite a bit of work under the hood...swapping out his RV-PA conduit from a 14mm to hopefully a 20/22mm, doing patches on his right and left pulmonary branch arteries to widen some narrowing, closing his ASD and repairing an aneurysm on his left pulmonary artery.  Whew!  Yall can google all that, lol!  Oh and they will repair his 2nd belly button from his g-tube also, so thats a bonus!  We will be at Childrens Medical Center in Dallas, where we had his heart cath done.  Best case is we should have just a 4-6 day stay after surgery.

The child life specialist was so encouraging and helpful today.  We never really utilized one in the past because Liam was a lot younger, but Im so thankful of that occupation!  It is helpful to have someone who is so  patient, understanding and knows how to communicate to a nervous child all this medical information and ultimately what they will be experiencing.

We are so thankful for you all!  Please keep us in your prayers tomorrow morning and this week and I will keep updates coming!  Love yall!

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  1. Love you guys! Love this post!
    We ae standing in continuous pray of agreement with you guys!
    ~ Chuck & Brenda