Saturday, January 12, 2019

Packing and Prepping

Surgery day is right around the corner, so this weekend is pack and prep!  Liam is doing great, and staying positive as he always is, so I'm so thankful.  We are very open with him and have had a lot of good conversations about the surgery and recovery, so I'm hopeful he feels prepared too.  Spiritually, he is amazing - so expectant to see God work some miracles -- which is incredibly inspiring and he is really encouraging my own heart! 

I am doing pretty good, although this is a challenging trial for sure...It is just a very different dynamic than last time on all fronts, so God is definitely moving in new ways and I am really having to press in for His grace and mercy....But oh He is faithful!  There is a lot stirring inside me, so I am also expectant and anticipating the work of God through this season. 

Anyways, being in our bubble the last couple weeks at home has actually been pretty fun!  We had a nerf shooting contest, fancy tea party, couch forts, car ramps down the stairs, board games, play doh, cookie baking, painting, crafts...if we had it, we did it, lol.  Feels a little like summer vacation actually!

I was hoping to type up a post about what is in our hospital bags for this stay, but I think I'll save that for another day.  My hope is this blog can bring encouragement and helpful and practical advice for anyone going through similar journeys, so that is why I am looking at doing some more practical posts too.  I have my packing list already, but it's pretty long and I tend to overpack, so I may wait until after so we can really see what all we absolutely needed and used, and what might could have stayed at home.  The hospital is a good 45 min to an hour (or even almost 2 with traffic) away from home, so it will help to have necessities with us. 

Right now, pre-op is this Tuesday and then surgery is set for Wednesday - we will find out at pre-op what time and how long (among all the details) the surgery will be, so we will update then.  Besides that, we are just going to try to enjoy the next few days and be at peace that the Lord has got this!  I also just wanted to send a big hug and thank you to our family and friends for helping us with logistics, childcare and everything else that we may need....we are so appreciative of everyone and especially for all of the prayers for us during this time! 

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