Friday, November 13, 2009

11.13.09 - Friday the 13th!

So I am sitting here, just realizing it is Friday, and the 13th at that.  Gosh, my days have been so strewn together since we have been home.  Kind of nice that we sort of have a routine down now though.  I was thinking how our a year ago, even 6 weeks ago, was SO very different...But I do think the Lord's plan for our life has been flawless thus far - even though some days are better than others!

Dustin is out getting us Chinese and sushi for dinner right now meanwhile Liam is asleep in my Moby on my sweet - I love him in it!!  He just falls right to sleep every time!  He has been more and more awake everyday which is fun but can be exhausting.  We go from toy to toy while he is awake, but he loves just being held, so I try to hold him as much as I can. 

He is sleeping longer at night, about 4 hours instead of 3 which is great because more sleep for me!  I have my alarm set at night, but I have been trying to let him wake up before I feed him.  Hopefully the sleeping at night will get better, especially before I go back to work.  It's just hard with the machine because you have to have some sort of routine based on the clock instead of when he wants to eat.  Thankfully Liam seems to be gaining weight very well, which can sometimes be a big problem in heart babies because their heart is working extra hard all the time and requires a lot more calories.  We just weighed him on our scale tonight and it looks like he is already up to 10 lbs!

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