Tuesday, November 24, 2009

11.24.09 - Family Time

Today I took Liam to get his Synagis shot for RSV prevention.  RSV is a upper respiratory infection that is easily spread and is common in children and can be dangerous for premies and high risk infants.  We have to get Liam a shot every 28-30 days until April or May, whenever the season winds down.  I have a feeling his vocal chord is starting to function properly again!  Poor thing, he was soo good, but did have an outburst when the nurse gave him the shot in his thigh.  It's weird that I like to hear him cry like that gives me hope that he is healing!

Dustin's family is in town for Thanksgiving and it has been so nice to spend time with them and have them meet Liam.  We are being a little paranoid about the germs, but hopefully everyone will stay healthy.  Liam unforunately has been very colicky in the evening, so  it's been nice to have someone to pass him too when things get a little rough for mom...I am going to up his feedings again to 100 ml and possibly try to feed him a little closer together in the evening to see if maybe he is just getting hungry, which is what my mom instinct is telling me is the case.  We will see how it goes...I praying for no spitting up for overdoing it since he can't tell me when he is full! 

Otherwise, Liam is doing great.  Hopefully his little evening attitudes are just a sign that he is growing, which is something to be thankful for!

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