Friday, November 27, 2009

11.27.09 - Turkey Time

What a great Thanksgiving! We had family over all day yesterday for Thanksgiving.  Dustin's sister and her husband had a wonderful turkey dinner planned and prepared for us.  Liam got to meet and enjoy the whole family all day long....And boy was he exhausted - He has been sleeping great this week at night, so I'm praying that continues! 

We finally finished the nursery today.  I saw the idea for the numbers paintings online a while back and thought it would be great to have the whole family paint one number each.  So yesterday evening we had a family painting session and everyone really liked it and the paintings all turned out so great!  Honestly I was a little worried at what the end result would be and thought I would have to touch up a lot, but everyone did a great job and all the numbers look great together up on the wall.  I thought Liam would like to have a little piece of everyone's creativity in his room.  We all signed the back of the paintings with little notes too. It was a lot of fun!

As far as Liam's milestones go, he is holding his head up more and more and is very strong in his arms and legs.  I'm so proud of him!  He is awake a lot longer too, so we actually get "playtime" now.  In fact, Liam smiled as a reaction today, instead of just by accident, at me for the first time today! He is really getting to know my voice and is trying to mimick my facial expressions and making little coos and noises.  And he loves Dustin too - he could stare at him for hours and hours.

Our next doctor appointment is this coming Monday for the pediatrician.  We have a lot of questions for her, as the tube feedings seem to be getting a little more complicated since he is growing and requiring more food.  Since we feed him a set amount of food every three hours, we can't really feed him when he is hungry or stop when he is full like normal babies do.  It is hard to tell how much to give him other than what the cardiologist ok's for us.  He is getting fussy at almost every feeding now, thankfully the fussiness doesn't last very long, but it is still a lot to handle at times.  He is also refluxing more now and has spit up occassionally, which could be a problem if he is still aspirating.  I am really hoping his vocal chord is healed enough to compensate now.  I am going to schedule that appointment soon, so we can have that checked out.  Liam's cry is strong now, so I think it is healed some if not entirely.

I go back to work on Monday.  It is bittersweet, as I am looking forward to getting back to a normal routine, but will definately miss seeing Liam all day and not getting to be there for him during the day.  My dad has graciously offered to take care of him for us at least until his next surgery so we don't have to put him in daycare and risk getting him sick.  We are so fortunate to have him help us.  But I know he loves Liam so much and he really enjoys taking care of him, he wouldn't have it any other way.

This Thanksgiving was definately our best ever.  We have so much to thank God for...I truly am counting my blessings!


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