Wednesday, September 1, 2010

9.1.10 - Oh, the places we will go!

Today starts Day 1 of a blogging/family idea that I have had for awhile now. As most of you know, Liam will be turning 1 at the end of the month. Many of you know that since Liam has been born, we don't get out all. Or at least hadn't until recently, having safely past his last surgery. Most of you also know that the germy flu season is quickly approaching and we will soon be limiting our exposure to the "outside" world again as much as possible (as I just got the call today from the pulmonologist office about renewing Liam's Synagis treatments for this season!). Lastly, we all know we are trying to raise $10,000 for the Children's Heart Foundation and thus are in need of SPONSORS!! So, what do all these things have in common? An idea we had to take Liam somewhere, new or old, everyday. 1 place everyday. We are planning on going to many local businesses in order to spread the word about our fundraiser and raise awareness in our community for CHD's, but also to some fun places we have been wanting to take Liam as well (or even on errands with mom, if time is of essence!). So let's get started!!

Today's choice was a no brainer. We chose Medical City Children's Hospital (MCCH), the place where Liam had both his heart surgeries, the place where his miracles happened. So, I whipped up my famous sopapilla cheesecake to take to our nurses and off we went. First, I will share an amazing view of a rainbow we saw while driving - I was sitting in the back with Liam while he was tube feeding, so I caught these pics of the awesome display

It went all the way across the sky, end to end within pictures do not do it justice.  I could not get far enough back in the car to get the whole thing in one shot....just know that it was incredible!

MCCH just opened a new Congenital Heart Surgery Unit (in fact, they opened it one day after we were discharged back in June of this year).  They had a CHSU previously, but the new unit is AWESOME.  It's like something out of a Star Trek movie...very cool and VERY modern.  Although, I am glad we were just visitors this time around.

It was good to go back for a visit, but I hope we don't need to go back for a good long while!

We are headed down to San Antonio this weekend to take advantage of three days off, so it should be interesting.  It will be our first "trip" with Liam since he was born and the first time Dustin's side of the family gets to see him!  Stay tuned for our 1-a-day adventure!

And lastly, for some housekeeping....TEAM LIAM is moving along....we should have all the corporate sponsor information and our new website up and running by Labor Day! 


  1. exciting yall's first trip!! glad to know the little guy is doing good!!!!

  2. Wow! That does look like a pretty fancy unit! So glad you are taking your first family vacation! I hope you have a great weekend! :)

  3. Liam is so cute! Have a great weekend trip and enjoy your outings before germ season hits. We will be isolating Maxson again this winter...not looking forward to it.