Tuesday, January 4, 2011

1.4.11 - So glad we are home...

Today starts day 2 of my official move to stay-at-home-momma.  It is nice to be off, especially to care for Liam during this time.  Our days are a little more involved than our daily routine before, but I'm slowly working back to it.  It is definitely an adjustment.  We have never had Liam home so soon after a surgery, so it is a little daunting making sure he is recovering like he should. 

Liam is doing well.  He is still having some congestion with coughing and gagging is different from last the last time.  We are having some trouble feeding him solids too, as he is frequently coughing and gagging during eating, and then only eats a few bites before refusing.  We were pending another swallow study before we found out about the surgery, so I don't think I'm gonna push oral feedings right now.  I am trying not to get discouraged given that it is so soon in recovery to really explain what is going on.  I thank God everyday he has a g-tube.  At least he is still getting his nourishment and we can keep him well-hydrated.  So right now we are on a small volume formula feeding every 3 hours during the day, with juice feeds in between to keep his fluids up.  It sometimes gets exhausting to keep up with, but slow and steady wins with him, so I'll do what it takes!

His demeanor is great - I can not believe how happy and ACTIVE he is given it hasn't even been a whole week yet....I'm having a hard time getting him to rest and take naps!  The only thing he is doing out of the norm is itching his scars like crazy...I called the surgeons office to make sure this was normal and to see what they recommend we do about it.  Benadryl was suggested and seems to take the edge off for a little while.  Distractions work the best, so I have been giving non-stop wagon rides around the house as often as I can!  It is a good way to pick up the house, actually!

All in all, I feel the recovery is going as it should.  It's hard to not get ahead of the game sometimes because of how "good" he seems to feel.  We have an appointment on the 14th for a post-op follow-up with the cardiologist.  I think I may also schedule a visit to the pulmonologist for early next week too, just to have someone look at him.

Here are some pictures I took this morning on our 5th wagon ride around the house!

He scrunches his face now when he smiles for the camera!

Someone's getting a new tooth!

Roar!  My little ham!
Liam is FINALLY napping now, so I may go try to get in a nap while I can! 


  1. The wagon rides are brilliant!

    Mason had tons of gagging after surgery due to a stretched vocal chord, but it gets better and better each day. I hope the swallow study is all clear!!!

    Liam is a cutie-pie!!!

  2. Love that scrunched nose. Too cute. Logan went through the gagging things after his second surgery. It is hard to say what the cause is. I really think it is the norm after surgery for a lot of heart kids. Praying for you guys!!

  3. He is adorable and looks fantastic!! The way these kids can bounce back from surgery is crazy! I don't think that I would be that smiley so soon after open heart surgery. :) So glad he's doing well and will keep you all in our prayers for a continued smooth recovery. :)

  4. OMG could he get ANY cuter??? What a DOLL! :) He is so darn cute I just want to give him a big squeeze! I love the scrunchy face pics! Priceless! Andrew does that when he says "cheese!" I love it! So glad he is doing so well and acting so happy and active. Reading about you staying home with him right now is exactly what I did after Andrew's surgery and it just brings back so many wonderful memories (I'm a little envious!!!) :P Those were the best days of my life- the time we spent together was so precious. It is something you will always remember and treasure. Where it was exhausting some days, it was always worth it. :) Enjoy!

  5. Another ToF kiddo for you...Leah Flannery. I love how we can all find each other online and revel in these amazing miracles! Liam is so precious! He looks terrific! Happy and humbled to follow your story.

    Side note, Leah suffered a paralyzed vocal cord post repair, too. She had a g-tube for eight months before they felt her swallow was strong enough to really push forward (it was liquids that were the last thing on her checklist). But I'm right there with you...thank God for the g-tube!