Sunday, January 9, 2011

1.9.11 - SNOW Day!

We had a SNOW day Texas...crazy I know!  I guess the entire south is in for it today and tomorrow though!  We had a cozy day inside just the family.  My mom stayed over last night (so hubby and I could get in a date night) and was here until it started snowing pretty heavily this morning.  We made sopapilla cheesecake and played with Liam all morning long.  I made some gourmet homemade hot chocolate earlier this afternoon, and it was SO yummy!  It's been a wonderful day!

We took Liam out in the snow for a moment...he was loving it for a little while, watching me through snowballs at Dustin's truck.  But then he felt the snow himself, and I think it was a little too cold for his liking...then he cried until we went time outside about 4 minutes...Oh well, at least we snapped few photos for the record!

I just realized we have a busy week with appointments, which stinks because it's going to be SO cold here all week.  We have Liam's 15 month well check on Tuesday, his helmet adjustment on Wednesday and Cardiology on Friday.  We may also have the swallow study thrown into the mix of things too...Whew!  Liam seems to be better with his breathing and his coughing episodes have lightened up.  We are really praying his swallowing issues are a temporary deal and we can continue where we left off last year with getting a game plan to start weaning him off his tube! 

Hope everyone stays warm this week! 


  1. I know I'm going to be making some yummy hot chocolate tomorrow after seeing that picture! We're supposed to be getting snow tonight sometime, which makes me pretty excited! When D went in the snow last year for the first time he wasn't a big fan either. we took pics just to record it, because you know, it has to be in the books. :) Just wait until next year, Liam will love it! This year D cried when we took him IN out of the snow. :)


  2. Oh you Southerners... you all make me laugh at your excitment to see snow. It's par for the course up here in Michigan. ;) I'm excited for you that you got some! I know that even a winter-hating-Michigander like me smiles at the first snow fall of the year. (It's just the other 2,756 snowfalls that makes my smile fade into a frown :) ) Enjoy! :) :) Praying for a week of successful appointments for Liam! :) :)

  3. That hot cocoa looks YUMMY!!!!! Glad you guys got to enjoy some snow. Praying all goes well with Liam's appointments!!

  4. Your house looks like a house in my neighborhood!LOL! We live in Dallas and our family enjoyed some snow also yesterday!