Saturday, January 1, 2011

1.1.11 - New year, new room and new pics!

We finally moved onto the regular pedi floor.  I guess they do move people over the holidays after all.  This was good because it's another step closer to going home!

Liam has literally slept the past 36 hours....All day and night yesterday and pretty much most of the day today.  I am so glad because I know he just needs his rest right now.  Liam is weaned down to .5 liters of oxygen and that's pretty much all we are waiting for to go home.  His sats are pretty good on it, between 92-95.  They just need him to stay above 90.  He does need an echo before we leave, so I'm pretty sure that won't be able to be scheduled until Monday it looks like we are here for the next couple nights.

Wagon ride to the pedi floor

Mr. Sewious again

Monkey just loves Liam...always at watch over him

And Liam loves monkey too!

Thank you all for your continued prayers!  We are in awe of God's provision and for his healing hand!


  1. Oh those pictures are so sweet and they just melt my heart because they remind me so much of Andrew's last surgery. He was a little younger than Liam, but it still brings back those memories. I'm so happy Liam is recovering so well and you are already on the regular floor! That is always a good sign! Just think, soon this will all be a distant memory for you and you'll be home with your sweet boy! Continued prayers for you all!


  2. Sweet little Liam!! Love the pictures! I am so glad that things are still going well with his recovery and that he is coming down on the O2. Praying that things continue trucking along so you can all go home very soon! Happy New Year!