Tuesday, June 14, 2011

6.13.11 - Finally! Vacation Series #1

I am finally posting about our big trip last month...only about a month since we've been home!  Summer has just been flying by! 
Liam and Gigi

Gigi and all the gg-kids!
My dad, Liam and I flew to New Jersey for the first part of our trip.  My grandmother, aunt, uncle and cousins I haven't seen in awhile were all in town and we had a great family "mini-reunion".  Dustin and my mom flew up that weekend to join us for the "reunion" also.  I was so glad we got to see everyone in NJ!  When I was younger, we would go at least twice a year to visit, so it felt good to be back, since we hadn't been up there in quite some time.  And I know Gigi was so happy to have her great grandkids (and grandkids too!) all together. 
Liam on the farm!

While we were in NJ, we had the chance to visit a small local farm, which I thought was very cool!  We just don't have too many of those where we live, so it was neat to see an actual farmer's market per say.  I took some pictures of Liam as he wondered the petting zoo they had for kids up on the hill.  Although Liam was a little timid and never wanted to get close to the animals, he still had fun running around and seeing the sights!
The goat.

Hello sheep!

He was carefully watching the animals from a distance.

Liam was preoccupied with the airplane flying above!  He would start saying "Apane!" whenever he heard them....and it was quite often, soon his #2 word, after his #1 word being "truck"...I'm sure no one could tell we where from Texas.

His head was a little too small for the frame...I'm not quite sure whose child's head they used to measure that cut-out...

This was the only pen he would even get close too...I was hoping he wasn't taking notes here on how to eat...but since they eat anything and everything, maybe he should have...

The below picture was an interesting sight my aunt drove me to see.  The yard is completely covered in azalea bushes...they call it the Azalea House!  It was so beautiful though...Literally, there was not a single patch of grass, as azaleas grew in every square inch...incredible!   
The Azalea House

As for the actual traveling, Liam did great, even on the 3 hour airplane ride.  Boy, was I NERVOUS about that one....Thankfully, we did decide to buy him a seat on the plane a couple weeks before the trip, as previously I thought we could handle him as a "lap child".  That was probably the best decision I made for planning the trip.  We took his car seat on board and being that I scheduled the flight during nap time, he slept for the first good half of the flight and was fairly easy to keep entertained for the remainder.   Now actually getting ON our flight, well that's another story.  But, after a flight cancellation forced us to be re-routed on another flight to a different arrival airport we finally arrived, minus my father's piece of luggage, but with everyone all together nonetheless!

More coming soon of our adventures!  Stay tuned!

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