Sunday, June 26, 2011

6.26.11 - Lazy Sunday Afternoon...

So how are we spending our "lazy Sunday afternoon"?  Old school style, with matchbox cars and homemade track! 

P.S. Thank you to all who sent sweet words of encouragement and advice from my last post.  Things are looking brighter (well, at least emotionally for me!) =)  I ended up spending some much needed time in prayer and in devotional during that nap time and received some much needed peace and restoration.  And the wonderful friends who offered up their encouraging comments and suggestions, I truly can't thank you enough.  Just one of those days were I definitely needed a lot of "you can do this" thinking to be shared my way =)


  1. First of all... Liam looks like a little boy! All grown up! It melts my heart!

    Second, I somehow missed your last blog and just went back and read it. I preach peaceful/positive parenting, but it's still impossible not to get frustrated at times!

    For me, it's a snowball-effect. It usually will stem from boredom and/or if we haven't left the house all day. I'll start feeling frustrated at Carter, then I'll hate myself for feeling frustrated, and then I'll start hating myself for having the TV on all day and not providing activities to keep Carter out of mischief~ and it will spiral downwards from there.

    There's been many an early nap in this household!

    I'm scared about what will happen with Mason's feedings when he turns 1. I'm sure I'll be able to commiserate!


  2. What a cool idea! So clever, I love it! :) I couldn't believe that was Liam when I saw the first picture! He has grown up SO MUCH! What a big boy!

  3. What cute pics! Liam is getting SO big!!!

    - Amy & Bodie

  4. I 4th all the comments about how GROWN Liam looks in those pictures! What a stinkin' cute boy!

    I, too, missed your last post and just read it. I'm not sure how long you've been around my blog, but I was pretty much a basket case about Ethan's weight from around 18 months old until just a few months ago. I read Shannon's, Jen's, and Stefenie's comments and I agree 100% with everything they said. I found the more I fought Ethan over eating, the worse he would do.

    I also started leaving out a "snack tray" of low-volume, high-calorie foods that he could graze on between meals. I tried to pick things that wouldn't necessarily fill him up, but would come loaded with calories. Of course, now that I try to think about what those things were, I can't remember :)

    Ethan's weight teeter-tottered for about 4-5 months before he finally started moving up the graph! It's actually funny to look back at this growth chart now. Because he was weighed SO MUCH there are about 6-7 dots that just bob up and down the chart. But, if you were to draw a line over the course of 6 months or so, there's a definite upward movement.

    Liam will get there, for sure! I'm glad you're feeling better about it, and y'all definitely CAN do this! :)