Wednesday, June 29, 2011

6.29.11 - Where does time go?

I was meaning to finally get the rest of our MAY vacation blogged by the end of June, but that looks like it's not happening!  Where does the time go anyways??  We have SO many pictures that I haven't had a good chunk of time to sit and select all my faves for the blog post.  Plus, then I have to shrink them all down (which I think the hubby figured out how to do on Photoshop for me all at once!  Yes...that means I have been doing them one at a time on my own in's all I know.)  But, I am thinking what a wonderful 4th of July post our pictures from D.C. will make, so I'm planning on my deadline being then....So stayed tuned for a 4th full of pictures!!

To say I've been keeping busy is an understatement as I have been working hard on getting some designs done for my art shop I am opening online soon.  It has always been a passion of mine to create crafty things, so I am going for it.  Plus, things have been pretty tight the past few months, with me only working 1 day a week.  Hubby and I had a good long chat about where we are and where we need to be financially, so we decided I should try to make some extra income if possible while still staying home.  We both agree that me being home with Liam is the best for him right now.  I also feel like the Lord is really leading me to trust Him in the area of finances.  I believe this is what He has called me to do at this point in my life, both staying at home and creatively with my artwork, and that He is going to provide for us.  It's a VERY big faith step, to rely on supernatural means for provision, but who else better to trust. 

On another note, Liam's feeding and weight gain still tops the list of worries for me =)  Heart mommas, does it ever get OFF the list??  Ugh....I need to let it go...some days are much better for me to do this than others.  He is now weighing closer to 23 lbs. than his previous high of 24 lbs.  He is liking the Pediasure, but I feel like now he is eating less...I just think maybe it fills him up too much.  And I try not to offer it too close to mealtimes...definitely a challenge, our little man.  He is very active now, too though.  We are having ECI do another evaluation of him next week with the Speech Therapist to see what they recommend.  I am probably going to go back to the feeding clinic at Baylor to have him re-evaluated also.  The last time we did this was last November, and obviously, things are much different now.  To the point where I am not sure really if he has issues or not, other than the swallowing issue.   So, I am guessing later this summer, we are in for a swallow study and a feeding clinic eval. The excitement is already starting to settle in.

Our summer, beyond feeding and finances, is really going great.  We have ventured to the water park a few times now and Liam loves it!  We go for about an hour and he just splashes around in the kiddie areas and I get to work on my tan =)  It's been so nice to have a summer off and to be able to spend it watching Liam grow and learn and blossom into an amazing little boy.  I truly am so blessed.  Liam's speech has just taken off too, as he is saying two word phrases more and more now.  One of his favorites lately is "Momma do it"'s really cute.  And I now have a daily "schedule" for us, that involves 3 or 4 hands on activities each day.  I have been referred to some wonderful online resources for toddler activities (special thanks to Neysa!) and am loving the responses I am getting from Liam when he tries new's priceless!  And since we have stopped doing the PT and OT, I feel like this will help fill in the gaps and provide more structure.  Let's just say the TV time was beginning to take on more and more of the day, and I needed the structure as much as he did.  I feel much more organized during the day, and now I have scheduled times to do things I need to get done, but also enjoy time to spend with him...I don't know why I waited so long to do this! 

We have some fun plans for the 4th, so I'm excited for the weekend!!  Hopefully my 4th post will get done =)

*** Prayer request:  Please pray for our heart friend Gracie - She had her Fontan yesterday and overall is doing great, but experiencing the normal restlessness and ickiness of post-surgery...pray for a speedy recovery and for peace and rest for her parents, Jennifer and Craig ***


  1. So glad to hear Liam is liking the activities - I might have to check out some of the sites Neysa has been listing. :-) And no, I'm not sure the whole eating fear ever goes away. I still weigh Bodie twice a week (guilty admission here). Hope your feeding studies help you out and shed some light.

    Can't wait to see pics of your trips!!!

  2. I have no idea on the feeding issues ever going away, because we're following you- lol! They rank up in my top 5 worries at the moment, though!

    2 or 3 hands-on activities per day???? You rock! We're good to get to just one!

    I'm so glad the websites helped!!!

    I'm definitely looking forward to some Liam-spam! Oh, and he's doing amazing if he's already using 2 word phrases! Wow!

  3. UGH. Weight issues. I have just stopped worrying about it but I have a feeling it will be coming up sooner than later at our next appointments. Aly is still 20 lbs and she is two years old!!!
    Glad to hear you're having a good summer!! :)