Saturday, June 19, 2010

6.19.10 - Looking back...

So glad to finally be home.  Liam is on 1 liter of oxygen here and still has some congestion, but other than that has been smiley and slowly returning to his normal self.  We do have a pretty strict regimine to follow with his narcotic medications that we are weaning him from, so right now, he is still under the influence of some pretty heavy drugs. 

We have been returning to his normal schedule of eating, playing and sleeping, with just a few more resting periods in between.  In fact, Liam slept in his room, in his crib for the first night ever last night....we have had him sleeping in our room in the pack-in-play since birth (mainly because I am paranoid and also that it has been easier on us to have him bedside).  It was a BIG step for me!  LOL =)  We did get a really good monitor - Graco Angelcare - the one that senses movement as well as sound, so I felt pretty secure that he would be ok.  My mom is also staying with us this weekend to help out and she slept in our guest room which is right next to Liam's room and offered to be on crying duty for us last night.  Liam did extremely well, as I only heard him wimper a few times during the night.  I was on medicine duty (as we have a 12 am and 4 am med time right now) so I was able to check on him too, both times he was sleeping soundly.  He slept for 12 hours....I am so blessed to have a good sleeper on my hands!

Well, this morning I decided to post a series of pictures of how far Liam has come through this surgery, beginning with the day before through today.  The last three weeks have been a roller coaster ride that I am sure glad to have behind us...and I am excited for what today and the future hold for us as a family, with little Liam's heart working on all cylinders now!

First, a comparison of day before heart cath/surgery...And today! Look at those pink lips!!

Morning of the heart cath

After surgery 6.3.10

Chest tubes about to come out

On the vent

Eyes open for the first time post-op

Monkey's doing his job well!

Momma gets to hold Liam for the first time post-op!

Arterial line came out...IV went back in, on his head

Sitting up for first time post-op...a little woozy still

Hands free! He sleeps much better when he can play with his ear

My paper bouquet with candy filling for our fabulous nurses!

Lots of rest
Liam loves his daddy!

Home at last...still needs a lot of rest and recovery, but he's come a LONG way!!


  1. He is looking great! What a big step for you to place Liam in his own room. It sounds like things are still moving in the right direction. Still praying!!

  2. Oh, so glad you got the Angel monitor! It has been a lifesaver for us since Tucker came home the first time. Even now, even if it beeps because the battery on the monitor is getting low, I freeze. It will definitely help you keep your sanity. Liam looks great and I love his pink little lips and cheeks. God has been so wonderful to you guys even though at times I know you wondered if He was there at all. I'm so happy you're finally home and able to rest. Keep updating and letting us know his progress. Can't wait to see you guys again!