Friday, March 18, 2011

3.18.11 - 5 years ago

5 years ago today, I married my best friend and the man of my dreams.  We met almost 10 years ago while I was in college and we have been together ever since.  Call it love at first sight, but I knew the moment we met that we would be together for a very long time.

One of our first dates!  Don't we look young?!

Dustin asked me to marry him on March 31, 2005 with a sweet proposal at my parents house (where I was living at the time while still in school!) and planned dinner afterwards with a couple friends to celebrate.  It was the perfect night!

Our engagement night
Wine bottle from our dinner on engagement night
 Less than one year later, we were married in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by our friends and family while it poured down rain outside.  It was again, the perfect day.

And I must say, it has been a" Happily Ever After" ever since....Love you honey!  Happy 5 year Anniversary!


  1. Happy Anniversary! Thanks for sharing the pictures! It's always fun to see wedding photos! :) Too cute. Hope you guys have a great day!


  2. Aww! Y'all do look so young in that first picture! Happy (late!) Anniversary!!