Tuesday, March 15, 2011

3.15.11 - Super shake!!!

I've had that phrase in my head all day...I think it's from Team Umizoomi (is it indicative of how much we Liam watches TV? I know, I know...)....and I also think they say super SHAPE, but I like shake better!  And speaking of shake, Liam had been drinking up his smoothie shake very well lately and I'm glad to say, we are still on only two "formula" tube feeds a day -YAY!

We had a big milestone this weekend, well more a milestone for Dustin and I.  We attend a small, family sized church and have started going back the past 3 weeks, taking Liam with us.  One of us sit in the cry room each time with Liam, because, well, he's a 17 month old!  Anyways, while we do not mind it, I had been contemplating trying him out in the nursery.   Since there are never more than a few children in there, I felt like this weekend was a good trial run.  So, we put Liam in the church nursery for the first time!  My number didn't come up on the screen to go get him, so all went well!  They said he cried a little at first, but was mostly really good.   It is such a blessing to attend a church where we know everyone and they know Liam and our situation.  The teacher this weekend was one of the ladies in my bible study and I knew she'd take good care of Liam.  They all just love him so much and I am so grateful for that.  I think Liam had a lot of fun too, and I think it's important he start socializing around kids his own age.  This was a perfect fit!

While we are still being cautious about where we take Liam and when, but we have tried to start getting out of the house more.  I've taken Liam to the grocery store a couple times - with LOTS of antibacterial wipes drenching the cart!  And I just choose to go during the day or when I know the stores won't be too crowded.  We have also been out to eat a couple times and I love it because Liam always eats SO good when we go out.   We've also been going on a long walk everyday since the weather has been gorgeous here.  I LOVE this time of year!

Speaking of the grocery store, I started playing the Grocery Game.  Basically, it's a website that matches up coupons from the weekly paper with the store sales that will save you the most money on the things you buy.  I think I'm addicted!!  It's amazing how much money we have saved and how much our pantry is getting stocked!  I am planning on donating every month to a food pantry with our excess.   Unfortunately, the game isn't free though, just doing the free trial right now.  But I'm learning tricks of using coupons that eventually I think I could do it myself.  I actually got my first "free" item this week!

Sorry for the mis-mash of ramblings!  The rest of the week we have 2 therapy appointments and we had a helmet appointment yesterday.  Good news...his helmet comes off in 4 weeks!  YAY!  We are meeting with a PT for the first time tomorrow and our ST on Friday.  And then next week, we meet our Developmental Specialist therapist and hopefully with the OT again...whew....Liam will have 4 therapist!  Hope we can balance it all!  Our goals are to get him off the tube and get him up and walking...we'll keep yall posted!

**** Prayer request:  Please pray for our heart friend Aly.  She is having her Fontan surgery tomorrow.  *****


  1. Sounds like our buddy Liam is doing well. We also go to a small church and don't have a problem with the nursery because, well, Dena works in the nursery...haha. But now Tucker doesn't like to be in the nursery, he likes to go to the 2-3 year old class because they get to have snack and play with bigger toys. Our little guys are growing up so fast!
    Have a great week!

  2. We miss church so badly! We may make attempts to go some this summer!

    Isn't it amazing how wonderful and normal something so simple as a trip to the grocery store can make you feel?!

    Yay for the helmet coming off! Our boys are like rock stars with their "entourage" of therapists, LOL!!!

  3. Sounds like Liam is doing well! YAY!!!! It is so nice when you can start getting out and about. I know I always look forward to when the germ season is over. FREEDOM!!!

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