Sunday, March 27, 2011

3.27.11 - Chocolate and WALKING!!

This weekend, Dustin and I attended a financial seminar at our church while Liam went to Grandpa and Mimi's.  We got some cute pictures of Liam eating chocolate pudding and finally got a good video of Liam taking his first steps! 



  1. Walking! Yay! He's much younger than when Andrew walked- that is amazing! Typically heart kiddos who have had surgery are a little slower to walk- way to beat the odds Liam! :) Love the pudding pics- I have similar ones of Andrew eating yogurt and putting it is his hair! Lol! Why do they always have to reach up there and get it in their hair?? Ha! So cute!

  2. Hooray for walking!!! The pudding pics are super adorable. Logan liked to do that with his yogurt. Hilarious how they rub it all over themselves!