Wednesday, March 23, 2011

3.23.11 - WALK this way!!

Biggest update lately is....Liam officially took his first steps!  Granted it was a quick, 3 step "shuffle" so to speak, we think it definately counts!  He has been cruising so well for about a month now, walking with his push toys and pulling up and crawling over on everything, but he finally took some steps without holding on...Yay!  Of course, it caught us of guard completely, and of COURSE we haven't gotten him to replicate it again, so no video yet....but SOON I hope!

We have had a great week so far.  Liam is just really growing up so fast.  I feel like this is just a completely different year for us compared to last year...and it feels really REALLY good.  The weaning process is still going smooth.  I am a little anxious about his weight, but trying not to worry about it.  I feel his eating has increased since dropping the 2 tube feeds and he is taking on average between 10 oz to 15 oz of the yogurt milk by mouth daily.  I am encouraged and I am so proud of him.  He is days away from turning 18 months...where does the time go?!

Speaking of walking, we officially created a team to walk in the 1st Annual Heart Walk for It's My Heart in North Texas!  You can click the link here to go to our team page if you would like to donate or join the team and walk with us! 


  1. Oh Liam, Way to go!!!

    How wonderful about the walk as well!

    You're doing great, momma!

  2. YEAAA LIAM!! How exciting! It's over now mama- he's going to be RUNNING the house before you know it. :) I'm so glad that this year will be a big breath of fresh air for your family. Enjoy it!

  3. YAY, congratulations Liam!!! How exciting!!!

  4. That's exciting! I liked those old pictures of you and your husband in the last post. :)