Sunday, May 16, 2010

5.16.10 - New design!

How do you like our new look?  Dustin and I have been pouring over new blog themes....this was not our final selection, as Dustin is quite the perfectionist, so he is designing one especially for us (or ME rather).  However, I wanted a new look right away (as anyone who has known me and my hair choices, knows I like to change things up a lot!) so I choose this freebie to serve as a temporary upgrade until our final template is complete.  It's nice to have a change!

Speaking of change, Liam continues to grow and develop into quite the youngster.  Everyday is something new he is doing, giggling about or focusing on.  Right now, he has an infatuation with his feet.  Pulling socks off and giggling to tears when I stretch them up to his face...He has officially discovered the feet.  He is also rolling over - mainly from his tummy to his back.  Since he is not a big fan of tummy time still, he can roll from his back to tummy, but stops just short, almost as if he's thinking "Hmm, I don't think I like going that direction!".  We are working hard on sitting up still too.  He can sit for short burst, but then flails himself backwards and doesn't quite get the balancing of it all yet.  In my eyes, though, he is our little miracle.  The fact that, granted all the difficulties he has had, he is quite the normal child it seems on the outside.   Ahh, so much to be thankful for!!

As for his little flat head, well we are trying to go the natural route first and seeing a chiropractor for it.  I know, I know what some of you may be thinking....My mom and I were skeptics too.  But the doctor we are seeing is great, and was referred to me by a dear friend of mine, who I deeply respect and trust.  And of course, she was right.  Dr. Kristi is really great - gentle and caring.  She thinks that we will see much improvement on his head after about one month of sessions.  It's pretty amazing too, because I can already tell a slight difference on one side.  Plus, I think once Liam can sit up more and tolerate tummy time slowly, it will only help him.  The helmet is going to be my last resort.  I just don't feel comfortable putting him in one just yet, especially before we have exhausted all other options first.

So the countdown is starting...less than three weeks away til surgery day.  I'm already freaking out about every little cough and rattle I hear from him too.  Keeping him healthy and away from people is my number one priority right now.   I am trusting that this will be the Lord's timing for his surgery. 

I am also working on setting up an "account" at a blood bank so friends and family can donate in Liam's name.  Liam will be receiving blood transfusions during surgery, so I felt like this would be a tangible way that people can offer their support.  We get "credits" for every donation and it also helps to replenish the blood supply for future recipients.  Dustin and I plan on possibly giving a directed donation if we can, to where Liam will be using our donated blood during surgery.  I am going to try to set this up this week, so check back on the blog for details if you are interested!

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