Wednesday, May 19, 2010

5.19.10 - Milestone!

Liam can officially sit up on his own now! Last night, he sat up for a good 15 minutes without tumbling over, and today with my dad he sat for a good 45 minutes on his own....SO exciting! This is a huge milestone for us...We knew he was getting close, but it seems like overnight, something just clicked and today he got it!

Hooray for Liam!

I called to check on donations for blood and Carter told me that you can go to any donation location and give them the sponsor number or Liam's name when they get your information for the paperwork.  YEA!  So I'm going to IKEA Saturday, May 29.  They are holding a blood drive from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm....and if you have never been to IKEA, its a pretty cool place with good cheap food too! You can also check out Carter BloodCare's website and do a search for a blood drive near you or search for a Carter BloodCare center.  I hope you will consider giving the gift of blood...your donation will help save a life!

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