Sunday, May 2, 2010

5.2.10 - Back to life, back to reality...

Ahhh, Sunday afternoon is relaxing and uneventful...just the way I like them.  Liam has been recovering well at home and we have finally gotten back to almost a normal routine since being home from the hospital.    We had a few small aftershocks this past week.  First, on Monday, Liam was not taking his feeding well at all, so I started getting concerned.  He was coughing and choking everytime we tried to feed him and getting worse as the day progressed.  It was strange because he had done pretty well with feedings at the hospital, so it kinda came out of nowhere.  I ended up switching him to a soy based formula, which seemed to work.  I took him to the pediatrician Tuesday to follow-up with everything, and Liam checked out fine.  The rest of the week, Liam seemed to be doing better and better each day.  My dad, however, ended up getting really sick, so I was at home most of the week with Liam....What a ride these past two weeks have been for us.  

Liam was on in-home oxygen too last week.  Dr. Verma saw him on Friday and said Liam was doing fine, and his sats were coming up 70 after a short break from the oxygen, so he felt like Liam didn't need it anymore.  We rescheduled his surgery for June 3.  The heart cath will be done the day before, on Wednesday, June 2.  We are VERY ready for this to happen this time around.  The surgery should repair all of Liam's heart defects, so he will virtually be the same as a normal kid after this.

We are praying for a healthy next few weeks so we can get to surgery date! 

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