Wednesday, May 26, 2010

5.26.10 - Johnson's Funniest Home Video

Ok folks. Here is a video we took last night of Liam and our cat, Karah. It's short, but we couldn't stop laughing at Karah's reaction to Liam when he got a little too excited...(oh, and be sure to turn the volume way up for the full effect!)

It's funny how we were all entertaining eachother - Dustin and I entertaining the cats, the cats entertaining Liam and Liam entertaining us...and to think that's what happens when you turn the tv off and have some good ole family time together!

Liam had a check-in with Dr. Verma today to make sure everything is good to go next week for the big day. Everything checked out fine, Liam is doing great, big, strong and healthy to boot! AND, Liam now weighs...drum roll pleeeease....19 lbs 10.5 oz!!!! We knew he was getting close to being a 20 pounder, but that is CLOSE! I think this answers my question as to when is it time to stop taking him places in the infant carrier! Time for a big boy car seat.

Just a little housekeeping issues on the blog...our old follower list has not been working for awhile. We have spent countless hours trying to get Blogger to fix it, but to no avail. Therefore, we had to upload an entirely new Followers app. I am not sure if our old followers have been receiving updates or if you are wondering where you went on our followers list, no, we did not delete you because we don't like you, Blogger stole you and won't give you back....but please feel free to join our NEW followers list if it suits you =)

More to come later this week and/or end. I have a few new ideas for some interesting blog posts, so stay tuned!

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