Tuesday, May 18, 2010

5.18.10 - Giving Blood 101

YAY! Liam now has an official sponsor number for donations in his name: 049476

You can also give his name and they can look him up as well =) The type of donation is called a "replacement credit". I am still unsure what locations these type of donations can be made it...If anyone has done this before and knows what to do, please let me know! I am going to call Carter BloodCare back tomorrow and ask if there are certain locations you have to go to or if you can choose a local blood drive, blood center or whatnot...I've already looked ahead at Carter BloodCare's blood drive calendar for events up our direction and it looks like there is a blood drive at IKEA on Saturday, May 29...That's the one I'll be going to if donations for sponsors can be given there!

I have never voluntarily given blood before, so I am already nervous about it. I have had blood taken un-voluntarily on more than one occasion and done ok, so I'm hoping it's similar =) It's nice to be a part of something greater though - to know I'm helping give back to what all we have been given.

I'll post more tomorrow when I get more details on the donating part and probably send out an email to everyone as well. Signing off for now... =)

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