Sunday, October 24, 2010

10.24.10 - Reflections...

One year ago today was our first whole day at home, as a family.  We brought Liam home from the hospital after his first surgery late Friday afternoon, 10.23.09, my original due date.  The 23rd was a Friday, so we had the whole weekend together before Dustin went back to work.  I remember trying to figure out a feeding routine, trying to learn to be a mom without the hospital environment and just settling in with all the excitements of bringing home our baby.  What a year it has been....

We are truly blessed that from a heart standpoint, Liam has done exceptionally well.  We have had our bumps along the way, but the Lord has led us through them every time, and we are truly blessed.  I never want to take for granted this journey we are on.  I also just wanted to take a moment to thank all of our wonderful friends and family for being there to support us...we know it was hard on you guys as well, and we want to say thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for always being there, praying for us and Liam.  Support is so important for everyday survival in journey's like ours...It encourages us to keep going, keep fighting and know that we are not alone on the road.

The past week has definitely been one of reflection...I have thought a lot about priorities, perspective and our future.  This week we are making some big decisions, so please pray for us.  We have been praying about these decisions for awhile now, and feel at peace about where we feel God is leading us. 

Liam is continuing to get better each day.  He still has a lot of congestion, but also a good cough, so it is helping to clear him out.  He is tolerating his tube feedings well on the higher calorie, and starting to eat some by mouth again (when he is sick, he never wants to eat).  His activity level is also picking up a bit (which worries me about calorie intake not being sufficient!) which is a good indicator he is feeling better too!   We had a follow up with the pediatrician Friday and she said all is clear and his lungs sound good.  So I guess we are in the clear again!


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