Sunday, October 31, 2010

10.31.10 - Halloween Fun and updates...

Well, we didn't do the typical Halloween thing this year...We decided to just have a low key weekend and spend some time with family.  We spent time with our heart families on Saturday at the annual Amazing Little Hearts Halloween party - it was so great to see all the kids in their costumes running around having a great time!  And it was so good to see our heart family friends.

Liam and daddy at MCCH 
Matching shoes!  Like father like son...
Liam and mommy in front of the world's largest indoor tree!  The new Children's Unit at MCCH is just beautiful!
Dena, Tucker, Liam and me...Liam just started pointing this past week.  He was pointing to a giant TV screen aquarium on the wall in front of us!

Saturday, we had our nieces over while their parents went to a Halloween Party...All decked out too!!  Their costumes were great!
Creepy clown and fancy witch! 
The kids, Dustin and I had SO much fun...mainly building block towers and watching Liam knock them all down.  He just loves the girls and has so much fun with them. 

He loves tearing them down...But he also just learned how to stack them up too!
All the kiddos!
Sunday, we all hung out at our house after eating out for lunch and playing at the park.  We had a few trick or treaters at our door tonight, but I put Liam to bed early...he was wiped!!

It was a great weekend, less all the costumes, but it was how we decided to do it this year, and I'm glad we didn't miss the chance to spend time with family! 

Also, just an update....We have scheduled Liam's cath for Thursday, Nov. 11 at 8am.  We are still unsure at what all this may mean for us, but we are trying to prepare ourselves as best as possible.   On a similar front, I had been talking about us making some big changes recently.  One of those changes meant pulling Liam out of daycare for the immediate future.  He needs to stay healthy, so he can get healthy.  The fact that he has not gained weight concerned us, and we feel like whenever he is sick (which had been 70% of the time lately) he just can't get the feeding in to keep him healthy and thriving.  Along with this change, I have decided to finish out the year at my job and then stay at home with Liam full time come January...This was the biggest decision for us, but we feel 100% at peace about it and know we are doing the right thing for our family.  It was very hard, after 5 years at my current company, to tell them my decision.  They have become like family to me, and have been overly supportive and encouraging during our roughest times.  It is going to be very hard to say goodbye.

Just wanted to say thanks again for all the support, love and encouragement from all of you through Liam's journey.  We are turning a new corner, and no matter what the future brings, it is comforting and reassuring to know we have people praying for us and there for us along the way.


  1. Liam is getting so big! Those pictures are adorable! Keeping Liam in our prayers for a successful cath with a quick recovery. I'm sure it is going to be hard to leave your job, but to get to stay home and see that adorable little face all day will ease the pain of it I'm sure. ;)

  2. Adorable pictures! :) Let me know if you have any questions about the cath- we are pros at caths! I have lost count how many Andrew has had. :( I think your decision to stay home was a great one. I took the first year of Andrew's life plus part time the second year and those were the best memories I have. We had the best time together-bonding! :) It was so amazing to stay home and do special things with my'll just love it! :) I am jealous! Ha! Although, soon Liam will be like Andrew and ready to go to preschool and you won't have to stay home anymore! :( Boo!!! They grow up sooooo fast! Which is such a blessing for our kids, even though we want to keep them our babies forever! :)


  3. It is hard coming to that decision to stay home but ultimately it is the best choice for our kiddos. I am saying many prayers for Liam's upcoming cath. Thank you again for e-mailing me the other night and please feel free to contact me anytime since you are about to embark down a similar path to ours. I am praying that you get some good news from the cath and hopefully plenty of time before any intervention is needed. Always here for you!