Saturday, October 16, 2010

10.16.10 - Where has this child been hiding?

We have had one of the best weeks since I can remember...Liam has been so happy, energetic, HUNGRY and just so much fun! It is SO nice to have a week like this....they have become very few and far between, and we were due for a weekend of not nursing a fever or cleaning up after tummy viruses...YAY!

So for tonight's post, I'm going to post a bunch of pictures. We had a great Saturday today, just hanging out and playing all day. In fact, I feel bad because Liam scooted around so much playing today, he has carpet burn on his legs! He has got to learn to crawl soon =) And to update on the feeding, Liam has actually seemed really hungry today. He has eaten SO well, where has this child been hiding?? We are working on upping his Alimentum calories to 30 cal/oz, currently we are at 28 and doing good so far! It's expensive, but at this point I'll do anything to get him to gain some weight! On to the pictures...
Dustin was home with Liam a few hours this morning while I was at work...they had a lot of fun building and then tearing down!
And they all fall.....

Our Roxy - had to let you all know how soon she will become Liam's favorite toy!  He already goes after her at every opportunity!

Spaghetti time!  He liked it - YAY!!

Checking it out....


If anything, it's fun to play with!

Taking a moment....


And this is what was waiting for me when I got home....Do I have the best guys or what!?

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  1. Oh how cute! Glad Liam is doing better and you've had such a great week! Those are the best memories to have! Liam is sooooo adorable! Spaghetti is still one of Andrew's favorite things! :)

    Hoping for another great week for you!

    Jen, Craig & Andrew