Tuesday, October 19, 2010


We are still here at the hospital, but hopeful to go home today or tomorrow. The blood cultures have not shown any positive results and the virus tests all came back negative as well. His white blood cell count was high, so with that information they are treating him as if he has aspiration pneumonia with viral infection.

His O2 sats are now more mid 90's, but he is still dropping into high 80's at night....Other than that Liam has been eating great, alert, happy and playful. Thank goodness he is not feeling too sick. I was worried the feeding might keep us here, but he is tolerating his feeds great and he even ate an additional jar of sweet potatoes last night!

I've also had some time here to meet with a nutritionist and get a game plan going with fortifying his feeds to 30 calorie, but eventually switching him to either Peptamen Jr or Vital Jr for his formula. These are both formulas for tube feeders that are already concentrated to 30 cal. Any tube feeding moms reading this that have any advice on these two formulas, I would love some feedback!

Well keep posted about an ETA back to home! Thanks for everyones thoughts and prayers!!


  1. Glad that things are going well with Liam and nothing nasty has come back on the cultures. Hopefully you'll be getting out of there soon.

    Never used the two formulas you mentioned. We always had to use the Nutramigen because of Logan's milk allergy so we had to mix it at a more concentrated rate to get the higher calories.

  2. Tara! I'm so sorry that his healthy week took such a rough turn!!! We are praying for sweet Liam to kick this thing fast and be back on the healthy track!!!