Saturday, November 13, 2010

11.13.10 - Coming round the corner...QUICK!

Liam had a good night last night.  Slept through, only woke up a couple times, one which he got tangled up in the oximeter cord...Geez that thing scares me.  Let's have my child sleep with a long cord in his crib?!  Thankfully, no alarms went off except for the battery alarm, which means Liam stayed above 90% sats all night.  Praise God!

This morning has been uneventful except for his morning spit up he has been having the last few mornings.  I am assuming its all the drainage from overnight that makes him a little queasy after his morning feeding.  I can deal with that as long as he keeps tolerating his day time feedings, which he has.

They have already rescheduled the heart cath for Thursday, December 2....right around the corner.  I figured it would be pushed a little longer out, but I guess not.  The sooner the better for me though.

Speaking of right around the corner, Christmas is quickly approaching, which means a LOT of things around the Johnson household need to start getting done.  I worked on my annual Christmas card design this morning and I am really excited about it!  I just need a free hour to go to the craft store to get my supplies. 

This time of year also means the big marathon for Team Liam is right around the corner as well.  In fact, I started panicking last night because my training has been...well, it really has NOT been...Worst case scenario, I think I can at least finish...even if I am crawling on all fours by that point!  Liam has just been #1 for me lately, which is where he needs to be and the whole reason why we created Team Liam.  Our running jerseys have been ordered and the t-shirts have been designed...just waiting to get them printed and we are set!  We also have a generic design that we will be selling of BOTH the t-shirts and running jerseys year round for anyone who is interested.  I need to get it set up and the picture uploaded of what they will look like and then pre-sales can begin! 

Off to start on some laundry before the little one awakens...Happy Saturday everyone!

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  1. Im glad to hear that Liam is doing good. Hopefully he stays healthy for his cath.

    On another note there is no need for you to remind us that Christmas is right around the corner....LOL I am so not ready for the holidays this year!