Tuesday, November 23, 2010

11.23.10 - Pre-Thanksgiving feast!

This won't be a totally word-free post, but the pictures speak for themselves!  In my preparations for our Thanksgiving feast Thursday, I decided Liam would be a good judge for my sweet potato casserole...
Hmmm...this is fun....
and YUMMY!!




  1. Ok, what an adorable baby! I read through the last few updates tonight and I love all the pictures! He is so perfect and adorable! :) Yay for him sitting up in his crib! We celebrate every milestone our heart kiddos make, even if they happen a little later than they are "supposed" to. Andrew couldn't sit up by himself until he was 11 months old. He didn't walk until 22 months, but now he is all caught up and even in preschool, meeting all his academic goals. It is just amazing to see what miracles these kids are!

    Liam is so precious! You will just looooove staying home with him! I know it is scary to be in charge of everything. We had the local AEA come out for PT, OT and speech services and they met with me to give me ideas for things to work on with him. I especially loved the OT, she came at lunch time to help with feeding issues. Maybe you have something similar in your area? It was a free service and it felt so nice having all those hands available to call if I needed something. Just a thought.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Looks like Liam is going to enjoy it! :)


  2. Yea Liam! So adorable! Happy Thanksgiving Johnson family! :) :)