Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cath Postponed

We arrived at the cath lab at 6:00 this morning and just got home.  They had to postpone the cath because Liam is wheezing and coughing this morning, and they didn't want to take the risk with intubation and anesthesia. 

I can tell you how much I hate waiting....especially for some serious test results.  The not knowing part of anything just drives me insane.  So today's news just added that extra stress...but I am determined to keep my eyes fixed on Jesus and know that this is EXACTLY where He wants us, His timing for everything our life entails.

I scheduled an appointment later this morning with the pulmonologist so hopefully we can get some treatment or explanation as to why the wheezing keeps coming up like this.  I also just received a very encouraging call from our insurance case manager, who is working hard to get things taken care of for us on that end of things too. 

Thank you for all your prayers this morning.  Ill post another update tonight to update on the lung doc visit.

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  1. UGH. As much as we HATE having to have our child do these things, like caths and surgeries, it is even harder when you prepare yourself for it and it doesn't happen. I know how you feel. Aly got pushed back for her Norwood 4 times because there was no ECMO available as back up. It was so frustrating! Praying Liam starts feeling better and you can get some answers!