Friday, November 12, 2010

11.12.10 - Breathing treatments and updates...

The visit to the pulmonologist turned into a full day of testing.  Our visit started with a swab test for flu and RSV which thankfully came back negative.  Liam's O2 sats were down from 95 at the hospital to 90 when we arrived, so they were pretty concerned.  He also had a slight fever of 99.4, which was up slightly from his vitals at the hospital.  We received two breathing treatments in the office while the pulmonologist conferred with our cardiologist to get a game plan going.  So, the plan is to do 5 treatments a day for 4 days (1st day being yesterday), then drop to three times per day for the next week.  They also do not want his O2 levels to drop below 90 AT ALL.  Since we currently do not use a home pulse oximeter, one is being delivered today.  Liam is to be spot checked before and after his treatments during the day and then he is to wear it at night while he sleeps.  If it drops below 90 for any reason, we are to call the office and may have to be admitted to the hospital....UGH.  Their main worry is they don't want Liam hovering in the 80s and we not know it, which could put added stress on his already stressed heart muscles.  He is also taking an antibiotic, as they decided to treat him for bronchitis, since they do not know without further testing what exactly he has.

The pulmonologist then ordered us to go down the street (aka across town!) to Children's Hospital to get a virus swab lab done and a chest x-ray.  So after a quick stop home for lunch, a breathing treatment and a nap for Liam, we went over to Children's.  The virus swab was quick and easy, and then we had to wait quit a bit for the x-ray.  For the x-ray they had a very strange contraption they put Liam in, like a plastic tube around his body, which he cried like he was being tortured...that was not easy to watch as I had to hold his hands up while he looked at me with such scared little crying eyes....thankfully it was over in about 5 minutes.  We then had more waiting to get a CD (which I tried to look at on my computer, but it is showing as a blank CD....we'll see about that one) of the results for the cardiologist, since they cannot access this particular hospitals records....Ugh again.  Finally we made our trip home about 5:00 pm....ordered Chinese food...and went to bed.  What a LONG day.  But I'm glad we got him into to see the pulmonologist...We have GOT to keep Liam healthy the next few weeks so he can get the cath done.  I'm also praying his O2 oximeter does not go below 90!    It has not been delivered yet, so that's in our favor at least!

Thank you to everyone for all the encouraging texts, messages and prayers!  Will keep posting on our progress!

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