Monday, November 29, 2010

11.29.10 - Season of frenzy

Oh, the holidays.  How I love thee...let me count the ways...

Christmas Cards
Giving them and receiving them!  Yes, each year since I have been married, I have handmade our Christmas cards.  I love card making and paper crafting (although mainly just card making) so I decided it would be a fun tradition to start making our card each year. This year will be my 5th edition.  Here is one of my favorites from a previous years....No sneak peak at this year's design though!  

Although I am not particularly fond of decking out my own halls, I LOVE to see other's homes and houses glammed up for the holiday season.  I am bugging my husband to put up lights on the house this year...It's just a great tradition, especially for kids.  I love that when we were little, my parents would take us for drives around a bunch of neighborhoods to see the spectacular light displays of all the homes. 

Cold Weather
Yes, even in Texas around this time of year it starts "gettin' chilly outside".  I love the cold weather, even if we only get a day or two of it between now and Christmas, it just makes the season.  I dream of a white Christmas, but those are a rarity around these parts....but I'll take any drop in temperature below 50 degrees!

And best of all...Of course you all know I LOVE my family.  I love the holidays because I get special time to spend with them, and I love that!  So many memories cling to the holiday season like no other time of year. 

There are many, many more things I love about the holiday season.  But unfortunately, my favorites are usually always coupled with things I don't really like about this time of time just FLIES so many things get crammed into the last month of the I often don't slow down enough to really ENJOY the things I love most about this season and how I seem to get caught up in things I seem to have to get done....Why do I do that??

This year, I am trying to really focus on not missing out what's really important....on not getting wrapped up in all the FRENZY this time of year can bring, but instead learning how to navigate this season with a to-do list of giving, humility, family and love at the top.

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  1. You are definitely way ahead of me. I have yet to get my Christmas cards in order. In the past mine have always gone out the Monday after Thanksgiving. The past two years I have been slacking a bit. Need to get to cracking!

    Hope you have a wonderful holiday season!